Sell At The For The Love Of A Goth Music Festival

Whether you are a professional vendor or part of a band, if you are interested at hiring a stall at our hugely popular music event we would like to hear from YOU.

We will be inviting applications from all types of food and drink vendors as well as sellers of other merchandise.

Also, you could earn a few quid by selling some of our branded merchandise. We have a full range of festival promotional cups and branded pens as well as other printed promotional products.

If you want to, you could sell your own band’s promotional products alongside our own.

So, whether you want to sell t shirts, sweatshirts, beanie hats or any other type of printed promotional items, it is up to you, but if you can sell some of our own media promotions for the festival, it could earn you hard cash or a discount on the stall rental.

Our festivals attract hundreds of party goers and thousands of pounds worth of sales are taken in each event. This is a very good chance for any band to sell not only their own music, but all the merchandising products that go with them.

If you wish to have a stall in this summer’s festival you need to act soon. The deadline for applications to take part is May 1st.

In order to be eligible to sell at the festival you need to be;


The person who makes the application to run a stall at the festival needs to be over the age of eighteen. The same also applies to all vendors working on the stall.

We need a complete list of everybody who will be on the premises and their ages.


All stall holders and their employees or assistants need to provide checkable ID prior to their application being vetted.

This would be official government issued photo ID and cards such as driving license or passport.

We also require two proofs of address. A recent utility bill or bank statement with your name and address on it should suffice.


If you do not have UK government ID and are a foreign national, we will have to see proof of your right to remain in the UK and work prior to approving your application.


You will be required to have all the relevant trader’s licenses and insurance for your stall.

Anyone selling food and drink should be separately licensed. To find out more about the laws that govern the sale of food and drink, please download our guidelines.


Additionally we will need to see an itemised list of everything that you wish to sell, so we can check that it complies with all the relevant regulations and laws.

Naturally, we do not sell any bootlegs or sell any alcohol to under eighteens.

Anyone seen using any illegal substances will immediately be asked to leave.